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Senator Manchin Letter Concerning Reconciliation Legislation

The Reconnecting Youth Campaign is urging Senator Manchin to…


Michael Hendricks

Michael Hendricks on a Clearer Future

"I was taught hard skills that were needed to succeed. Today I am comfortable and confident in my forest work…I can definitely see a clearer future for myself.”
Kiara Alexis

Kiara Alexis on Growth

"I felt fortunate to be in that position and I wished other people I knew could be alongside me. That, along with the love I was shown, really helped me grow.  Just the thought of knowing I had so much support made me feel like I couldn’t fail.”
Justin Baker

Justin Baker on Community Health

“Imagine having a community farm or garden in your neighborhood – that can change the dynamic of so many things,” said Justin. “Why is this work important? Well, our health is important. Just having the youth tell people of the community, that’s how people receive it better – we’re actually the leaders right now.”
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