RYC In-District Meeting Resources

Kalef Jones

Kalef Jones on Leading by Example

“Anyone can speak on all the things that are wrong in our communities, but it takes a certain individual to seek a position where they can change the way things are and make things better for the youth to flourish and thrive.”

Jasmin Angeles

Jasmin Angeles on being a Role Model

“I want to be someone who makes a difference for the younger generation, and who stands for what is true and right. I want to help others understand that when an opportunity comes their way, it’s important to improve themselves and take it.”

Angela Noah

Angela Noah on Building her Legacy

“My legacy will be to help these people, to inspire, to give hope. I want to ensure that every Native American youth acknowledges their own potential and understands that there are infinite possibilities.”

Abdusalam Ibrahim

Abdusalam on Finding Strength

“Abdusalam continues to be the first to serve, the most eager to learn, and the most committed to putting his talents and training to work for the greater good.”

Paola Flores

Paola Flores on Overcoming Obstacles

“Paola has been a positive influence in so many ways to her peers in encouraging them to continue in life no matter the obstacles. She shares with them that she herself has faced many obstacles but continues to work towards success every day.”

Michael Hendricks

Michael Hendricks on a Clearer Future

“I was taught hard skills that were needed to succeed. Today I am comfortable and confident in my forest work…I can definitely see a clearer future for myself.”

Kiara Alexis

Kiara Alexis on Growth

“I felt fortunate to be in that position and I wished other people I knew could be alongside me. That, along with the love I was shown, really helped me grow.  Just the thought of knowing I had so much support made me feel like I couldn’t fail.”

Justin Baker

Justin Baker on Community Health

“Imagine having a community farm or garden in your neighborhood – that can change the dynamic of so many things,” said Justin. “Why is this work important? Well, our health is important. Just having the youth tell people of the community, that’s how people receive it better – we’re actually the leaders right now.”

Esperanitza Castillo

Esperanzita Castillo on Change

“I wanted to become a Corpsmember to change my life, I dropped out of school in the sixth grade and knew I would need a diploma to get a better job or attend college. GMSC means so much more to me than just helping me achieve my goals. The staff is like my family. “