Senga Lukingama

Senga Lukingama on Bringing Opportunities Home

“When you work hard and study, you begin to see the light at the end of the road and believe that the world has a lot more for you to see. I plan on meeting new people and sharing my story with others. I know I am not the only one with this story, but hopefully it can help others know they are not alone.”

Holden Foley

Holden Foley on Redefining his Future

“I enjoy training my crewmembers and using my construction skills in our project work. I have been inspired to help others see the same opportunity and take control of their lives and change for the better.”

Levi White

Levi White on Adaptability

“I believe that the heart of resilience lies in adaptability. A resilient person will adjust their approach and methodology to fit the situation.”

Samantha Vitti on Access to Opportunity

“Civicorps gave me access to opportunity in one place.”

Timothy Gunn on Making a Difference

“I will continue to use my skills acquired to make differences in the lives around me.”

Adam Strong on Resilience

“I only found my way into the middle class because of the opportunities afforded to me by YouthBuild and AmeriCorps.”