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Opportunity Youth Community Recommendations for CV-4 Legislation

As Congress considers legislation to aid the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic (a fourth phase of legislation, or CV-4), we come together as advocates for and with Opportunity Youth (16- to 24-year-olds who are not employed and not in school) to provide recommendations that will help reconnect youth, aid young workers and stabilize the economy. Our recommendations are grounded in the following principles:


Abdusalam Ibrahim

Abdusalam on Finding Strength

"Abdusalam continues to be the first to serve, the most eager to learn, and the most committed to putting his talents and training to work for the greater good.”
Paola Flores

Paola Flores on Overcoming Obstacles

“Paola has been a positive influence in so many ways to her peers in encouraging them to continue in life no matter the obstacles. She shares with them that she herself has faced many obstacles but continues to work towards success every day.”
Michael Hendricks

Michael Hendricks on a Clearer Future

"I was taught hard skills that were needed to succeed. Today I am comfortable and confident in my forest work…I can definitely see a clearer future for myself.”
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