National Opportunity Youth Organizations & Young People Respond to President Biden’s State of the Union Address: Our Hand Is Still Outstretched in Partnership


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Feb22 Update

Opportunity Youth Advocacy Community – January 2022 Monthly Meeting Summary

Monthly updates on advocacy related to Opportunity Youth.

Two young people of color masked together, outside, in a city. We need employment opportunities for all young people.

Young Leaders to Congress: We Can’t Build Back Better if We Cut Youth Out

“Leaving young people out of the recovery packages will have significant economic consequences on our future work lives.”

Campaign Sign-On Letter Congress: Do Not Leave Young People Behind in Covid Response Bills

The Reconnecting Youth Campaign sign-on letter to Congress calls for prioritizing well-being and expanding educational and economic opportunities for young people in the American Rescue Plan and any additional pandemic recovery bills.

Youth Leaders Guide on COVID-19

State and federal officials need to do more to help young people in wake of coronavirus